Awilhelmsen is a family-owned investment company

Our mission is to create lasting value in a responsible and sustainable manner. The family's investment horizon spans over generations. We believe in a collaborative approach and a flexible investment strategy in our efforts to create value.

The Company has the following business areas


Our strategy, with respect to industrial investments is to invest time and money in first-class companies. The investment sphere covers a wide range of industries. We strive to be a preferred partner through active ownership, offering deep knowledge and high integrity.

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Real Estate

In Real Estate, we create environments where people would like to live, work, and socialise. We aim at contributing to good life quality and positive urban development. Our goal is to positively impact people, places and the planet through real estate.

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Financial Asset Management

In Financial Asset Management, the investment strategy is to create superior return over time through broad risk diversification within listed shares, bonds and other instruments to resist large shocks in the global financial markets. The management is not trading-oriented.

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Our Commitment

For decades, Awilhelmsen and its owning family have been committed to generating societal impact, aligning commercial ambitions with our responsibility toward the greater good. We aim to go beyond commercial objectives to explore the full scope of the value we bring to society. Our lens is long-term, viewing each decision for its immediate impact and long-term value we can create for future generations.