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AWC is a wholly owned subsidiary and the main hub for industrial investments of the Awilhelmsen Group. Our investment mandate is flexible, and we invest in both listed and private companies with few self-imposed restrictions on geography, investment size, liquidity, ownership stake or control. However, we do not invest via external managers or in venture companies.


Kernel is a leading e-health and technology group that aims to contribute to more sustainable and dynamic healthcare systems in Norway and abroad. AWC owns 82.0% of Kernel.

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Protector Forsikring

Protector Forsikring (ticker: PROT.OL) offers liability insurance for large and medium-sized companies and the public sector in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the UK. AWC owns 18.2% of Protector.

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Cambi (ticker: CAMBI.OL) is the leading global provider of thermal hydrolysis solutions for sewage sludge and organic waste management. AWC owns 18.9% of Cambi.

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Trysilhus is a Norwegian home builder constructing affordable apartments and houses based on a standardised building process. AWC owns 20% of Trysilhus.

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Pareto Bank

Pareto Bank (ticker: PARB.OL) is a niche bank located in Oslo which specialises in project financing. Its main business areas are property development financing, corporate financing and shipping and offshore financing. AWC owns 3.2% of Pareto Bank

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Exabel provides a Data Science Software Platform for Investment Teams, making state-of-the-art AI technology accessible to investors worldwide. AWC owns 41.9% of Exabel.

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